How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Elizabeth Mott is here to help you with how to make your eyes look bigger

If you are wondering how to make your eyes look bigger, Elizabeth Mott is here to help. Summer is here, and there’s no better time to try and play around with your look. There are so many ways to enhance your eyes to make them look bigger and fuller, and if you’ve never explored this part of the makeup world before, it can be easy to feel a little lost. Luckily, Elizabeth Mott not only has all the products you could possibly need, but we’re also here to provide you with a step by step guide to achieving bigger-looking eyes with makeup so that you can stop feeling lost, and start loving your newest makeup look!

1. Use a neutral-colored eye primer

When prepping your eyes for any bold look, it’s always a great idea to use a neutral-colored eye primer first. Eye primer sets the perfect canvas for your look, allowing for an all-day look that lasts. Our Thank Me Later Eye Primer is the perfect product for big, bold eyes that pop. With pearl powder to enhance eye shadow color to the lightweight formula ideal for any bold eye look, this primer is crucial for getting the bigger, fuller eyes you’ve been wanting.

Buy Thanks Me Later Eye Shadow Primer


2. Neutral brown shades of eyeshadow in the crease in windshield wiper strokes

After you apply your primer, it’s time to apply your eyeshadow. For that ideal, bigger-eye look, start with a neutral brown shade of shadow, applied in a simple windshield wiper motion. We recommend our Toasted eyeshadow shade, which is available as part of our Pop! Goes the Shadow collection of eyeshadows. These eyeshadows are perfect for dramatic looks. Each color, including Toasted, is buildable, so you can truly make your look your own!

3. Highlight the center of your eyelid with a shimmery shade above the crease

The next step in achieving that bigger eye you’ve been wanting is to highlight the center of your eyelid with a shimmer. As part of our Pop! Goes the Shadow Collection, our Champagne shade is the perfect highlighting shade for this step in your makeup routine! This long-lasting shimmery shade is sure to compliment your neutral brown you started with, making this a naturally bold look that pops.

Pop Goes The EyeShadow Shades to make your eyes look bigger

4. Thin or no eyeliner on the top lash line

As the next step in this foolproof process for achieving the bigger eyes you’ve always wanted is to add your favorite eyeliner. This step is truly a choose-your-own-adventure for the look you’re personally going for. If you choose to use thin eyeliner along your top lash line, decide whether you want a wing or no wing—either look great with this look! You could even go without eyeliner if you want. It’s up to you!

5. Apply a skin-toned liner in the bottom waterline

Applying a skin-toned liner to your bottom waterline is the perfect way to enhance this look. Our shimmery Pearl Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil is the best eyeliner pencil for this look, and with its gel formula, it’ll glide on easily and smoother than silk. It’s also guaranteed to last all day long, so you can go through your whole day, without worrying about your liner staying in place.

 Buy Pearl Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil 

6. Curl your lashes

A secret quick step to making those eyes look bigger is to simply curl your eyelashes. Curling those lashes will open them up in a simple way before adding more products like your favorite mascara. This is a lightweight and easy way to add a fuller look to your eyes that will compliment these other products nicely.

7. Mascara on top and bottom lashes

The next step toward this stellar makeup look is to add some mascara on both your top and bottom lashes. This is the ideal way to open those eyes up and make for a full, bright eye look. Our two mascaras are perfect for layering to get that perfect bigger-eye look you’re striving for. Our It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara and our It’s So Long Length Defining Mascara are perfect for creating an open, full look sure to wow all your friends!

Elizabeth Mott It’s So Long and It’s So Big Volumizing mascara on top and bottom lashes

8. Use that shimmer in the corner of the eye

To finish this look off, it’s time to dip back into the Champagne—eyeshadow that is! Use this shimmery shade in the corner of your eyes as well for a finishing touch that brings out the best in your eyes. With this last addition to your look, you’ll be ready to show off in no time!

Getting bigger eyes is as simple as creating a new makeup look that lasts. This neutral and beautiful look is sure to bring out the natural fullness of your eyes with natural colors, layering, and your very own natural beauty.


About the author:

Halle Homel is currently based in Southern California, where she spends her time with her family and dog, Josey when she’s not traveling. She spends her free time exploring new places, practicing yoga, and working on her blog, Halle’s Wandering Soul. Follow her on Instagram @halleswanderingsoul

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