Can I Just Use Primer On My Face?

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Perfecting your look can take practice, but when you have the right products, you’ll be on your way to getting to the look you want faster than you can say “primer!” You can just put primer on your face or you can layer it with other products like a good foundation depending on what you had in mind for your look. It is one of those products that will simply take your look to the next level. It’s a perfect product for creating a blank canvas for your best piece of artwork and helps your look to stay locked in place all day long. We’re here to answer all of your questions right here, so you can add it to your makeup collection asap!

Why Do You Use Primer In Your Makeup Routine?

If you are going to use it, it's always going to be your first step when it comes to your makeup routine. It’s perfect for creating an even skin tone perfect for creating your ideal look. It’s also great for actually enhancing the look and color of your makeup as well as helping your foundation to stay in place. With two choices you’ll be able to select which one works best for your skin. Use matte for naturally oily skin, and illuminating for adding some extra glow.

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Mattifying Primer Before And After

Does Primer Go Before Foundation?

You might still be confused about what order you should apply. Doesn’t it go before your foundation? Yes! The purpose is to set the stage for your entire look—foundation included. So use it before you add foundation to make your whole look stand out and stay put!

Is Primer Good For Your Skin?

Makeup Primer is definitely not one of those beauty products that’s going to clog your pores and harm your skin. Thank Me Later is great because it’s super lightweight and anti-greasy, so you won’t get any oily skin or breakouts when wearing this underneath your makeup all day long!

Illuminating and Matte Thank Me Later Face Primer by Elizabeth Mott

What’s The Best Primer To Wear Alone?

A customer favorite is our Illuminating product because it truly brings out the glowing from within look without clogging your pores up! It’s great for adding just a little bit of extra depth to your overall look, even if it’s the main base for your entire look.

What Primer Is Best For My Skin Type?

We offer two variations at Elizabeth Mott: our Matte Primer and our Illuminating Primer. Our matte formula is perfect for those of us with oily skin because it minimizes pores and doesn’t add any shine. If you don’t have oily skin, our Illuminating is perfect because while it also minimizes pores, it’s perfect for adding just a little bit of radiance.

Elizabeth Mott Illuminating Primer Before And After Photo

Face Primer is a product every makeup lover should have in her collection. From minimizing pores to being the lightweight answer to all of your makeup questions, this wonder product will enhance your look, and help it stay in place. Don’t wait to add it to yours, you’ll thank us later!

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