6 Reasons You’ll Love a Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Elizabeth Mott Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

You’ve probably seen it but haven’t tried it. Here’s 6 reasons you’ll love a carbonated bubble clay mask. No matter how much you cleanse and wash your face, there’s something soooo nice about a face mask. Sometimes they have funny prints or they make your skin feel smoother than it has in years! There are a plethora of different kinds of masks. Dry skin? Check. Sensitive skin? Check. Need to detox your skin? Check. Need to give your skin a boost? Check.

Our One Bad Motha’foamer carbonated bubble clay mask is everything you’ve ever wanted and so much more! It’s a detoxing mask that bubbles and foams on your face. You just lather it all over your face (or just on the spots that need a little more TLC) and watch it activate!

Elizabeth Mott Clay Mask

If you need more convincing, look no further:

1. The Activated Charcoal Draws Out Impurities In The Skin

Sometimes your makeup or pollutions just stick to your skin. And that’s okay! Happens to the best of us. When applied to the skin, activated charcoal promotes healing while drawing out those irritants.

2. It’s A Lightweight Formula

It never feels heavy on your face! And it feels even lighter when the bubbles start doing their thing. Sheet masks and heavier cream masks can slide off your face when moving around, but this one stays put! So you can go about your business without worrying One Bad Motha’foamer is going to slip right off!

3. The Mask Helps To Exfoliate Dead Skin

Does the word “exfoliate” make you nervous because you’ve fallen victim to products claiming to be gentle? Never fear! Clay is one of the most gentle exfoliators you can use on your skin. It smooths away any patchy skin areas and leaves you glowing and fresh.

Elizabeth Mott’s Foaming Clay Mask Exfoliates and Deep Cleans Pores

4. It Deep Cleans Your Pores

Just washing your face doesn’t always clean your pores. With all the pollution in the air and the running around we do, we need something more heavy-duty to deep clean those pores. The best part? One Bad Motha’foamer won’t dry you out.

5. Clay Masks Help To Minimize Face Oil

Do you feel like your face becomes an oil slick by 3 PM? (Same, friends. Same.) Clay masks are perfect for drawing out the oil in your face and drying it up! You don’t need to use it every day, but if you’re oily or combo skin, this will become a staple in your skincare routine. Also, dry-skinned friends, you can still use it!

6. It Feels Cool But It Actually Does Its Job

If you did a cool face mask but didn’t post it on Instagram, did it really happen?! While doing it “for the ‘gram” is fun and everything, One Bad Motha-foamer is cool and different and does its job. Have a fun time with your face bubbling while giving your skin the gentle detox it deserves.

One Bad Motha’foamer bubble mask

Skincare is so important! It’s one way to take care of yourself and make your body and skin feel good. One Bad Motha’foamer takes it one step further by being a ton of fun and a heavy-hitting product all around.

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