Why Did Elizabeth Mott Create K-Beauty Inspired Products

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Elizabeth Mott created K-Beauty-inspired products to bring the best of Korean beauty to the American audience. What makes Elizabeth Mott special is that all of our products are inspired by the popular Korean Beauty products so many people know and love in Korea. We wanted to create an American market for these products, and so we created Elizabeth Mott so that people from all over the world could have access to these beneficial makeup products. But why exactly did we choose to create K-Beauty-inspired products?

What does Korean-inspired beauty mean?

Korean Beauty is all the rage, and we wanted to create products that functioned like these products, but that was made for an American audience. We call them Korean-inspired because while we look at Korean trends in beauty, our products are made for all beauty lovers, but more curated for people here, rather than in Korea, where the trends in skincare and cosmetics are just a little bit different.

What is Korean-inspired beauty by ElizabethMott

Why did Alice Kim, The Founder Of Elizabeth Mott Create K-beauty Inspired Products?

Alice was inspired to create Elizabeth Mott by her own heritage, and her love for Korean Beauty products. She loved how these products could not only help you look great, but were actually beneficial for the skin. She really wanted to share these products but discovered that they weren’t necessarily made with an American market in mind, so she decided to start her own company meant to share these products with the US.

What Results Can You See From K-Beauty Inspired Products?

K-Beauty has so many benefits that we wouldn’t see from traditional beauty products. One of our favorite things about our products here at Elizabeth Mott is that our products are built to be long-lasting. You truly won’t have to worry about reapplying or touching up your makeup throughout the day. One of the best products for this is our mascaras. Both our It’s So Big and It’s So Long Mascaras have the power to stay in place all day long, and are sweat and water-resistant!

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Another one of our favorite benefits of our K-Beauty inspired products is that our products work together for all skin types. So many of our products help each other out, like our Thank Me Later Eye Primer. This primer helps your eyeshadow stay put on your eyes, and even brings out the color, so you can pick your favorite Pop! Goes the Shadow shade and know that it’s going to last all day, and look its best.

What Ingredients Found In K-Beauty-inspired Products?

We love our ingredients because not only do we have something for every skin type, but we also make sure that we’re always using cruelty-free ingredients, so you can guarantee that you’re getting the best and highest quality products that are made in a kind way as well.

Elizabeth Mott K-Beauty inspired cosmetics

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K-Beauty inspired products are truly the best way to get the benefits of K-Beauty but made for an American market. Elizabeth Mott focuses on taking these product ideas and creating everything you will love in products for the consumer looking for new skincare and makeup products inspired by the trends in Korea.

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