Why Beauty Lovers Enjoy Self-Tanning Mousse

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Self-tanning mousse is enjoyed by beauty lovers because it looks so natural. When the weather starts getting colder, one thing so many people dread is their hard-earned summer tan fading. The good news is, we now carry a beautiful and easy to apply, lightweight self-tanning mousse perfect for getting a tan that’s meant to stay, even in the colder and gloomier weather this fall and winter. And so many beauty lovers already love it. We’ve put together a list of reasons it just has to be the next product you add to your collection, so that you too, can look summer fresh, all year long.

It Has a Lightweight Formula

Because this self-tan comes in the form of a mousse, not a spray or a cream, it has a lightweight formula so many beauty fanatics absolutely love. The lightweight whipped formula doesn’t feel sticky, heavy, or greasy, so you can comfortably use it in a way that’s meant to stay.

Elizabeth Mott dark self-tanning mousse with mitt

It Has an Effortless Application Process

Our natural-looking tanner is so easy to apply. Simply use the applicator mitt to smoothly and evenly apply your desired amount of product. The mitt will make it so easy to apply it without streaks or mistakes and lets you put it on all over without getting your hands messy. This makes this one of the easiest products to use—simply smooth it over your skin and sit back and relax!

It Tends To Develop Darker On Most Skin Types

Similar products might take a few tries before you finally come to the color you’ve been trying for, but without Self Tanning Mousse in Violet Dark, you can harness the dark violet color to get your desired tan much easier than with others, no matter what your skin type is. Most skin types will have a darker tan using this product than some you might find at just any drug store.

 Easily Apply Elizabeth Mott’s Self Tanning Mousse with the mitt applicator

You Will Love That It's Fast-Absorbing

With other self-tanners, you might have to sit for a really long time to get your desired color but you will love this quick-absorbing formula, you’ll be ready to go in less than 8 hours. So, take a half-day off, rinse it off in the shower, and get ready to go back out into the world looking your best and feeling like your confident summer self, even in the middle of winter.

You Can Control the Depth Of Your Tan

You might be afraid of using a fake tan because of stories of people ending up far darker or far lighter than they originally wanted, but the thing is, with our Self Tanning Mousse, you’ll be happy to find that you can control the depth of your tan. It all depends on how much of the product you apply, and how long you leave it on. Only want to be a little darker than you are now? Don’t leave it on for the full 8 hours. Want the ultimate summery tan, even in the coldest months? Give it a try, we know you’ll love it!

It Develops To a Natural Looking Color

While similar varieties can dry looking streaky, drippy, or unnatural, our formula actually works with your skin to help you create a deep, natural-looking tan, evenly over your entire body. The trick to this is to use it sparingly on areas that tend to tan darker, such as your elbows, knees, and ankles, so that your skin can develop into a tan color that you love!

Our Self Tanning Mousse is a product that beauty lovers rave about. It’s easy to use and helps even beginner self-tanners look their best when the weather cools down. This way, you can look and feel beachy beautiful all day long, even when you haven’t seen the sun all day.

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