Top 5 Beauty Products to Mattify Your Face for Summer

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Warm weather is in full swing,  and we’re here to share with you the top 5 beauty products to mattify your face for summer. The thing is, with warmer temperatures comes oily skin. Don’t worry your summer away though—Elizabeth Mott has plenty of mattifying cosmetics ready to make your summer look like everything you’ve dreamed it would be. So, get ready for summer lovin’ days, endless adventures, and matte beauty—oily skin nowhere to be found.

Minimize Oil and Pores with Mattifying Primer

When it comes to enjoying the warm weather, you definitely don’t want to be worrying about oily skin. Minimize oil and your pores with Elizabeth Mott’s Thank Me Later Face Primer. This smooth and lightweight primer is perfect for being applied to your skin before your foundation so that you can minimize those pores. This cruelty-free primer is both sweatproof and waterproof, making it the ideal product for summer. With pearl powder, this primer is fantastic for enhancing your makeup and balancing your skin tone, so no more oily skin! This face primer gives you the perfect chance to enjoy your summer days while looking your absolute best.

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Set Your Makeup Look with Setting Powder

No matter what your summer days bring you, lock that look in place with Elizabeth Mott’s Set for Life setting powder. This lightweight setting powder is perfect for getting your foundation and concealer to stay right where you want it without creasing, caking, or reacting to sweat! This cruelty-free powder is perfect for minimizing your pores and smoothing out your skin so that you can look amazing for your best summer ever!

Prime Those Eyes and Prevent Creasing

In the summer, it’s common for makeup to crease, but don’t worry—your best summer makeup look can be easily achieved with Elizabeth Mott’s Thank Me Later eye primer (no creases needed). This eye primer is used to create the perfect canvas for your favorite eyeshadow, enhancing your shadow color with pearl powder, brightening your skin, and balancing your skin tone. This weightless eye primer is sure to last you throughout your day and is cruelty-free, so you can be sure you’re putting nothing but the best on your beautiful eyes.

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Primer Applied To The Eyelid

Bronzed Face Without the Glow

Summer is the perfect time to break out the warm tones. Bronzer is a fantastic way to add some warmth to your look, and Elizabeth Mott’s Whatup Beaches bronzer is perfectly long-lasting, cruelty-free, and flattering for all skin tones. And if you’re worried about oil, don’t you worry! We carry both a matte and a luminous bronzer, perfect for creating the warm summer look you’re going for, no matter what skin type you have.

Lock it in with Matte Makeup Setting Spray

When it comes to getting your warm-weather makeup look to stay in place, Elizabeth Mott’s Thank Me Later Setting Spray is the best next step. This fine mist works to lock in your already-applied makeup and control oil for a perfectly mattified look. This setting spray is helps your makeup stay in place throughout the day, so you can enjoy those sun without worrying about checking to make sure your makeup is in place.

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Summer is just around the corner, and when it comes to your makeup looks, you might be wondering how to control the oily skin that comes with warmer weather. Luckily, Elizabeth Mott has plenty of oil-controlling products ready to help your skin and makeup look its best while allowing you to enjoy the warmer weather and grand adventures, and know your makeup looks just as good as when you put it on, without that pesky oil.


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