Top 10 Gifts for Someone Who Loves Makeup - Christmas 2020

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Elizabeth Mott is bringing you a list of the top 10 gifts for someone who loves makeup. Believe it or not, Christmas is right around the corner, so it’s time to start planning your gifts for all your favorite people. At first glance, the makeup lover seems like they should be the easiest person to buy a gift for, but the truth is, getting new products for the girl who seems to have everything is harder than you might think. To help you pick a gift faster, we’ve put together a list, so that you can narrow it down a bit and find something she truly loves.

1. Makeup Setting Spray

For the makeup lover, setting spray is something you can never have enough of. Our Thank Me Later Setting Spray is made to be lightweight so that she can use it to finish off her look and get it to stay locked in place with just one easy step. This is the ideal gift for someone who loves makeup because it will help her to go through her day without needing to touch up her look.


Alt = Buy Makeup Setting Spray For Makeup Lovers by Elizabeth Mott


2. Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara

Every makeup lover appreciates a good mascara, and ours is even celebrity endorsed. Our It’s So Big and It’s So Long Mascaras are the perfect gift for the makeup lover in your life. These mascaras work to create true volume and length that looks as natural or false as she wants. Pair them in one big, beautiful gift, and they can be used together for lashes that are both long and full in volume.

Buy Elizabeth Mott It’s So Long Lengthening Mascara For Her

3. It’s So Big Mascara Minis: Perfect for Travel

On the topic of mascara, if you have a makeup loving traveler in your life, getting her an It’s So Big Mascara Mini set will allow her to take her look on the go with her. It’s not a vacation unless you’re out there looking your best, so she’ll appreciate the understanding that great makeup doesn’t stop at the departure gate!


Buy Elizabeth Mott Mini Mascara Gift Set


4. Natural Eyeshadow Palette

For the girl who loves all things natural, you can’t go wrong with getting her our Natural Eyeshadow Palette. With five natural colors that can be blended and combined for the ultimate neutral look, your makeup lover will have the time of her life experimenting and creating new looks with this beautiful palette.


 Natural Eyeshadow Palette For Christmas


5. Face Contouring Palette

For the girl always talking about taking her makeup look to the next level, a contour palette is the ultimate Christmas gift. Our Contour Palette is perfect for helping her to bring out her best features with 6 shades that can help highlight and darken areas that need just a little more definition. This is perfect for the girl trying to perfect her signature look!



Elizabeth Mott Face Contour Palette Makeup Gift For Her


6. Makeup Face Primer

Primer is the ultimate way to guarantee your makeup will stay in place all day. Our Thank Me Later Face Primer is the first step in creating your favorite look. It acts as a way to achieve a “blank canvas,” so that your favorite makeup lover can layer her look on top of it without fail. It also helps to lock her look in place so that it lasts all day long. Pair this with our Thank Me Later Setting Spray for the ultimate makeup dream team.

Makeup Gift Ideas for Her Thank Me Later Face Primer For Her

7. Eyeshadow Primer

Looking to help your favorite beauty lover create an even more flawless look? Our Thank Me Later Eye Primer can do just that. It works similarly to the face primer, but is made specifically for the eyes, so that you can help her to lock eyeshadow in place and bring out color for the ultimate bold look. Pair with a few shades of Pop! Goes the Shadow Eyeshadow for the perfect addition to her makeup collection.

Thank Me Later Eyeshadow Primer as a makeup lovers Christmas gift

8. Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

To help that beauty lover on your list achieve the ultimate relaxation, add our One Bad Motha’Foamer Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask to her gift. This face mask is ideal for adding some chill to her skincare routine, and will help her be able to carve out a little extra “me time.” This mask deep cleans pores, helps to heal patchy skin, and is comfortable to wear while she lets it sit, making it the perfect gift for someone trying to spend more time for themselves.


Clay Face Mask Gift For Her by Elizabeth Mott


9. Eyeshadow Brushes 

Know someone who wants to take their look to the next level but doesn’t have the tools to start? Get them a set of eyeshadow brushes! This is the perfect gift for a makeup lover because they last a long time, they’re cruelty free, and you can get them a few varieties so that they can truly enhance their look with all their new options. We recommend getting them the All Over Shadow Brush and the Tapered Blending Brush for the best options when it comes to getting that perfect eyeshadow look. Pair these brushes with some Pop! Goes the Shadow Eyeshadow colors or the Natural Palette for a great gift sure to wow any makeup lover.

Buy Elizabeth Mott’s best eyeshadow brushes for her

10. Makeup Gift Card

Still feeling overwhelmed by your choices, or not sure what type of makeup your makeup lover actually uses or is interested in learning how to use? Don’t fret! There’s always the option of getting her an Elizabeth Mott gift card so that she can use it to get all the products she’s missing and help build her makeup collection to exactly how she wants it.

Makeup lovers gift card for Christmas by Elizabeth Mott


Beauty lovers don’t have to be hard to shop for, and this holiday season, we’re here to change that. From beautiful natural eyeshadow colors to primers and setting sprays to help her look stay in place, we have a little something for everyone here at Elizabeth Mott, and we’re so excited to join you in your gift giving this holiday season.

Happy holidays from everyone here at Elizabeth Mott!

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