How to Avoid These 5 Eyebrow Mistakes

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It’s no secret that eyebrows are the key to a put together makeup look, but if you’re new to working with your eyebrows, you might find yourself making a few hairy mistakes! The good news is, once you get the hang of it, your brows will become your best friends. We love our brows and yours, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to getting your ultimate brows and avoiding those pesky mistakes.

1. Settle For Less Than Perfect

The truth is, no look is ever going to be 100% perfect, so if you let go of the idea of having “perfect” brows, you’re going to end up a lot happier with your finished look than if you’re always striving to get a look with zero mistakes at all! In fact, this is a great place to embrace imperfections so that you can love your beautiful face a little bit more.

2. Too Much Moisturizer In The Brow Area

One of the most common eyebrow mistakes: moisturizer. You might be thinking, “wait what? I thought moisturizer was good for me!” And it is! But you want to avoid getting too much moisturizer in your brow area because it can make it harder for brow products like our Queen of the Fill Brow Gel to stay in place.

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3. Please Don’t Over-tweeze Your Brows

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their brows is over-tweezing! Your brows are beautiful, and full eyebrows are in! When you over-tweeze, you have less beautiful brow to work with, which can sacrifice your look, so make sure you leave them cleaned up, but full, so they can reach their fullest potential!

4. Pick The Right Shade Of Product That Looks Natural

We have a lot of options when it comes to brow products, so it’s important to make sure that you pick the one that best matches your natural hair color, so that they continue to look natural, even when they’re bold and filled in. Our Queen of the Fill Brow Pomade comes in 5 colors: Auburn, Blonde/Light, Dark Chocolate, Espresso, and Night, and our Queen of the Fill Brow Gel comes in its own shades: Blonde, Light Medium, Medium Dark, Auburn, and Black. So, get the one that best matches the real you! If you’re not sure, we do offer an option to receive one free sample before you commit!

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5. Don’t Forget To Set Your Brows!

So many people forget to actually set their favorite brow gel or pomade, which means they spend their day reapplying their products to keep that beauty hanging out all day! When you use our Thank Me Later Setting Spray on your brows before heading out, you’ll be able to go through your day confidently knowing that your brows are right as they should be!

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Good brows are key to an amazing look, so it’s time we kiss these common mistakes behind so that you can look your best with no doubt in your mind that your brows are living it up in the best way possible. Embrace your natural beauty and enhance it with products like our Queen of the Fill Brow Gel and Pomade, and start living your life rocking your most confident look!

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