Honolulu Cosmetic Company Helps During Coronavirus

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Honolulu cruelty-free cosmetic company helps during Coronavirus. Throughout these changing times and difficult times during the Coronavirus Pandemic, many companies have done everything they can to help out their employees and keep their loyal customers. Elizabeth Mott headquartered in Honolulu is one of these companies, doing what we can to help both our employees, our front line workers, and those who rely on our industry as much as possible. Although the cosmetics industry might have changed quite a bit with the absence of in-person makeup artists, and occasions to go out and show off your favorite makeup looks, the truth is, Elizabeth Mott is cruelty-free in more ways than one.

We have made it our utmost priority to remain a safe place for both our employees and our customers. We pride ourselves on our cruelty-free and versatile cosmetics, and we didn’t want that to change in the face of turbulent times.

Donations to Hospital Front Line Workers In Honolulu

Our front line workers have been putting their lives at risk for weeks, trying to keep us safe, so we decided to do a little something to give back in any way we could. Making a donation to the front line workers at Kaiser Permanente on Oahu was our way of saying “thank you,” to those who are doing the most during this time. We decided to donate our It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara to those working hard to make sure we’re safe. Many of the healthcare workers we spoke with encouraged us to stay positive while maintaining social distance, so we felt that it was our duty to bring a little positivity to them as well. That way, we could all stay hopeful, even when we are apart.

Donations of Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Mascara to Oahu Kaiser Permanente Hospital Staff

No Company Furloughs

At Elizabeth Mott, we know how much our employees value their work, so we made it our priority to make sure that all of our employees still have their jobs, even when times are tough. No Elizabeth Mott employees were furloughed or laid off during this time, and we’ve been working from home to bring you the products that you need so that we can jump right back in where we left off.

Elizabeth Mott employees working at home during Coronavirus

Helping Makeup Artists In The Beauty Industry

As a way to help others in our industry who have been affected by these unique times, we set up a $10k fund that will allow us to hire virtual makeup artists who haven’t been able to find work in the past weeks. This will allow them to create content for us online, and keep their jobs working in their field while staying safe at home.

Honolulu Cosmetic Company Elizabeth Mott 10k fund to help keep makeup artists working during Coronavirus Pandemic

Helping others right now is something that many people have made their priority, and here at Elizabeth Mott, our philosophy is no different. We’re doing all that we can to help everyone affected by these unique times, from front line workers to our employees, to those partners we have in the beauty industry. It’s more important than ever that we be there for each other, even when we must stay apart.  


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